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AIR 186, UPSC 2018, Shafqat Amna-

 For Beginners-

1.       Read and understand the UPSC CSE Syllabus thoroughly. Especially the subtopics- One must read them numerous times that you tend to learn them.

2.       Start with NCERT’s, especially for Geography and History and then the standard books which too must be limited and revisions must be done a number of times. In all, your class notes would be enough for your preparation, along with the reading and understanding of one standard textbook for every subject.

3.       Then comes Answer Writing Practice for mains.For this main problem which aspirants face is of the structure of the answer. For this, read the question properly, such that the key points and what is being asked in the question must be inculcated in your answer in a proper structure. Use maps and diagrams for illustrating the answer. This needs practice and mentoring.

4.       Practice Daily answer writing and give regular tests for revision and practice.

5.       Keep yourself motivated, listen to your teachers, topper’s , friends, and family and stay motivated through the entire journey. Do not lose hope as getting demotivated sometimes is a part of the journey which comes to each IAS aspirant, even to the topper’s like us. Stress will come but learn to overcome it.

6.       Guidance is very important in UPSC CSE exams, so always take guidance from your teacher’s as they will give you the right path to get successful in IAS exams. 

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