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You are a Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) under training at the District Headquarters in one of states in the North East. Both you and the DM hail from states in South India. From the first day itself you notice that several people come bearing gifts for the DM. While you do not consider it to be a matter for your concern, a clerk informs you that the gifts also contain significant amounts of cash, often concealed within the larger gifts. He also tells you that these gifts are sent by powerful contractors and local leaders to secure contracts from the Government. One day, the DM invites you for dinner and during conversation he tells you that it is customary to receive gifts as a DM and even you should not hold back from receiving them. After all, both of you are posted so far away from your homeland in service to the nation. A few incentives should not matter.

Do you agree with the DM? What will be your response to the situation?

Topic : Case studies