Strategy for IAS Prelims Exam

Strategy for IAS Prelims Exam

  • UPSC Requires A Generalist for serving the administration in India. A generalist is someone who knows something about everything, but not everything about something (called scientist or researchers).Students Approach should be like a generalist.
  • For Example, If you are reading about floods, you should focus on understanding their causes, implication (Positive and Negative), Impact on human property and life, there mitigation and management. You need not read scientific literature about foods, river flows etc.
  • Most of the candidates thinks of working hard only, but it is combination of hard plus smart work that would pay in this examination.
  • All the aspirants do not belong to the same academic , economic and social background so their strategy also differ but for the final success in this examination , the candidate have to undergo the same process and pattern of examination. So, even if the strategy will be different the paradigm must be kept high.
  • Can can clear the Civil Services prelims in the one shot. Understanding concepts should be the first priority because mugging up neither helps in Prelims nor in Mains. So Focus on basic understanding and wider coverage rather than detailed studies and intensive coverage.

For Efficient and Effective study:-

  • Read Standard book From cover to cover.
  • Don’t make notes in the first reading itself.
  • Keep your booklist short and simple. Better to read one book for each topic thoroughly, then flip through multiple sources.
  • Preliminary examination is all about identifying the correct answer among the 4 options given. It’s all about elimination of the wrong options and identifying the correct one.Focus should be more on understanding the concepts.


To know Upsc –Civil Services Pre Exam Syllabus , Click here

August 18, 2018

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