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Sources / Booklist:

Ancient History (GS-1) ·         Old NCERT Class XI (R.S. Sharma)
Medieval History (GS-1) ·         Old NCERT Class XI (Satish Chandra)
Modern History     (GS-1) ·         Old NCERT Class IX (BIPIN Chandra)

·         A brief history of Modern India- Spectrum Publications.

·         India’s struggle for independence by Bipin Chandra ( selective reading)

Indian Art & Culture (GS-1) ·         An Introduction of India AA- NCERT Class XI

·         Centre for Cultural Resource and Training (CCRT) Material

Post-Independence History ( GS-1)              Class 12th NCERT
World History ( GS-1) ·         Modern World History- Arjun Dev

·         Norman Lowe( Selective topics)


Indian Polity( GS- 2) ·         M Laxmikant

·         Indian Constitution at work- NCERT class 11th

·         ARC-2 Report ( Summary would suffice)

·         Selective reading of Sarkaria and Panchii Commission Reports

·         NITI Aayog,3 Year Action Agenda ( selective report)

·         The Hindu / The Indian Express

·         The big picture on RSTV

International Relations ( GS-2) ·         Pax Indica- Shashi Tharoor

·         The Hindu/The Indian Express (relevant article)

·         Official website of Ministry of External Affairs

Social Issues ( GS-1) ·         Understanding Society- Class 11th Sociology NCERT

·         Indian Society, Social Change and development in India- Class 12th Sociology NCERT

·         The Hindu/The Indian Express

·         Yojana- Relevant Chapters

·         PIB ( Government schemes)

Geography (GS-1) ·         New NCERT- Class 11th, 12th (4 books)

·         Certificate Physical and Human Geography – G.C. Leong

·         Oxford- Student Atlas

·         The Hindu ( Current Issues)

Indian Economy / Agriculture( GS-3) ·         Indian Economic Development(Class 11th NCERT)·         Macroeconomics ( Class 12th NCERT)

·         Indian Economy (Ramesh Singh)

·         Economic Survey (Summary Reading)

·         Yojana( for Agriculture related issues)/ The Hindu/ The Indian express                            (economy section is very much relevant)

Science and Technology( GS-3) ·         Science Books( Class IX and X)

·         The Hindu (Latest Articles in Science & Tech section)

·         Yojana ( Selective Articles)

Internal Security (GS-3) ·         Challenges to Internal Security (by Ashok Kumar, IPS)

·         IDSA website, EPN/MMA articles

·         The Hindu/ The Indian express(relevant articles)

Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude(GS-4) ·         Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude (by G.Subba Rao)

·         The Hindu

·         2nd ARC Report (Ethics in governance and Code of Conduct)

Environment and Ecology ( GS-3) ·         Class 12th Biology NCERT (last 4 chapters)

·          Biodiversity, Climate Change and Disaster Management ( Majid Hussain)

·         Website of Ministry of Envt. , Forests and Climate change

·         Yojana/ Kurukshetra (issues related to environment and ecology)