Today’s Current Affairs MCQs for Practice
(From The Hindu- 24th July 2022)



Where is the Tricolour hoisted on the Red Fort for Independence Day celebrations manufactured?

a)   Karnataka Khadi Gramodyog Samyukta Sangha

b)   Bharat Handloom Mills

c)   Hubli Khadi Gramodyog Samyuktha Sanstha

d)   Delhi Khadi Gramodyog Sangha

Ans- a


While the nation is busy making preparations for the platinum jubilee celebrations of Independence, the mood at the country’s sole Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)-recognised National Flag manufacturing unit of Karnataka Khadi Gramodyog Samyukta Sangha, Bengeri, at Hubballi in Karnataka, is not upbeat. This is the unit which supplies the Tricolour to be hoisted atop the Red Fort.


What grade has the World Health Organization assigned to the global monkeypox outbreak in terms of severity?

a)   Pandemic

b)   Epidemic

c)   Public health emergency of international concern

d)   Global health crisis of concern

Ans- c



The World Health Organization has declared the global monkeypox outbreak a “public health emergency of international concern” (PHEIC), one step below that of a “pandemic”



The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched to celebrate the birth anniversary of which leader?

a)   Mahatma Gandhi

b)   Babasaheb Ambedkar

c)   Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

d)   Veer Savarkar

Ans- a



Mr. Kovind described the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary and the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahatsov to commemorate the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence as the “high points” of his term.



Under India law, till when can a woman obtain an abortion without any conditions?

a)   12 weeks

b)   15 weeks

c)   6 weeks

d)   20 weeks

Ans- d



The Delhi High Court had taken the view that she was unmarried and since the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act allowed only married women to terminate the pregnancy after 20 weeks, she would not be eligible to get an abortion.



For how many crops does the government fix Minimum Support Prices (MSPs)?

a)   14

b)   6

c)   22

d)   2

Ans- c



The government fixes MSPs for 22 mandated agricultural crops and fair and remunerative price (FRP) for sugarcane on the basis of the recommendations of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP), after considering the views of the State Governments and Central Ministries/Departments. The 22 mandated crops (the MSP is for a quintal) include 14 kharif crops such as paddy (₹2,040), jowar (₹2,970), bajra (₹2,350), maize (₹1,962), ragi (₹3,578), tur (arhar- ₹6,600), moong (₹7,755), urad (₹6,600), groundnut (₹5,850), soyabean (₹4,300), sunflower (₹6,400), cotton (₹6,080) and six rabi crops including wheat (₹2,015), barley (₹1,635), gram (₹5,230), masur (lentil ₹5,500) and mustard (₹5,050) and two commercial crops jute (₹4,750) and copra (₹10,590). 


The scientific names of two species of _____ are Latidens salimalii and Hipposideros pomona. Fill in the blank

a)   Bats

b)   Turtles

c)   Snakes

d)    Mice

Ans- a



According to the researchers, the Southern Western Ghats was home to rare and endangered bat species such as Salim Ali’s fruit bat (Latidens salimalii) and the Pomona roundleaf bat (Hipposideros pomona).



With which country did India recently sign a memorandum of understanding for sharing CoWIN?

a)   Guyana

b)   Israel

c)   Indonesia

d)   Bangladesh

Ans- a


Dr. Sharma said India had signed a memorandum of understanding with Guyana for sharing CoWIN. “We are in advanced talks with a couple of other nations to share CoWIN with them,” he said.



On which date in the year 1947 was the Indian flag adopted?

a)   July 30

b)   July 28

c)   July 25

d)   July 22

Ans- a


“22nd July has a special relevance in our history. It was on this day in 1947 that our National Flag was adopted.”


Sri Lanka concluded a 99-year lease with China for which of its ports?

a)   Hambantota Port

b)   Colombo Eastern Terminal

c)   Kyaukphyu Port

d)   Gwadar Port

Ans- a


The 99-year lease of the Hambantota Port was concluded without settling the loans owed to China, and now they are incurring recurring expenditure for running the port. So, that has been a white elephant. The Chinese want more control in Sri Lanka, they want an FTA (Free Trade Agreement), but Chinese goods already flood the market. 


Which state has bagged the top rank in NITI Aayog’s India Innovation Index three years in a row?

a)   Gujarat

b)   Karnataka

c)   Maharashtra

d)   Telangana

Ans- b


Karnataka has bagged the top rank in NITI Aayog’s India Innovation Index, 2022, which determines innovation capacities and ecosystems at the sub-national level. The State has held this position, under the Major States category, in all three editions of the Index so far.

Source- The Hindu Newspaper / PIB/ The Indian Express



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