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Date 6th Dec 2019 Daily Current Affair-Red Whiskered Bulbul


Red Whiskered Bulbul


Paper: GS 3

Subject: Environment and Ecology

Topic: Conservation of species

  • The red-whiskered bulbul(Pycnonotus jocosus), or crested bulbul, is a passerine bird found in Asia.
  • It is a member of the bulbul It is a resident frugivorefound mainly in tropical Asia.
  • It has been introducedin many tropical areas of the world where populations have established themselves.
  • It feeds on fruits and small insects.
  • Red-whiskered bulbuls perch conspicuously on trees and have a loud three or four note call. They are very common in hill forests and urban gardens within their range.
  • It is under Least Concerned Status of IUCN Red List.