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Q.1.  Highlight the similarities and differences between Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore in the Indian Freedom Struggle.

Q.2. The fascinating Badami-Chalukya temples belonged to the three principal religious faiths- Brahminical, Jain and Buddhist. Examine how these religions are represented in Chalukyan            Architecture.


Q.1. Over the past few years, India has mixed an element of cultural diplomacy in its bilateral relations with other nations. Discuss giving examples.


Q.1. What role can Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure(CDRI) play in combating disasters throughout the Indian subcontinent? Discuss giving suitable examples.

Q.2. Discuss the long term structural reforms that are required in the Indian Economy in order to overcome the ongoing Economic Slowdown in the country.

Q.3. Social media can play a major role in bringing normalcy to Jammu and Kashmir. Critically analyze giving examples.

Q.4. Is stubble burning in Haryana and Punjab the sole reason for high pollution levels in Delhi especially in the winter months? Critically examine.