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Mock Interview Mentorship Programme-UPSC 2024

The final stage of the UPSC Civil Services Exam is the IAS interview or the Personality Test. After candidates clear this stage, they are chosen for different positions in the govt. based on their rank. While the Prelims and Mains exam tests a candidate’s academic scope, the interview tests the personality and temperament of the candidate. So, students are confused as to what the IAS Interview questions and answers will be and how one should prepare for UPSC Interview questions. Further, we will tell you how IAS Mock Interviews will help you to score well in the IAS officer Interview.

The Interview or the Personality test of the UPSC exam is conducted at the UPSC office in Delhi. Also, there is no fixed time limit for the duration of the interview but the longer it is, the better the chances of selection. Moreover, a long session indicates that the panel has an interest in hearing your thoughts and ideas.

Interview Panel – IAS officer Interview

The IAS officer interview panel consists of esteemed names from different backgrounds. Also, the UPSC Interview questions may vary from academic to non-academic and even general and funny topics. The UPSC Interview questions are considered tough because many candidates get nervous if they do not know the answer. Furthermore, the panel only wants to check how you respond to situations that you have no idea about.

Documents to be submitted for the Interview

Documents are to be submitted before the IAS Interview QuestionsCandidates are asked to submit documents for the UPSC interview.

Candidates have to submit specific documents at the time of the Interview. They are –

1.     SC/ST Certificate Performa, OBC Certificate Performa (if you belong to any of them)

2.     Declaration form

3.     Physically Handicapped Certificate Performa,

4.     Certificate Questionnaire,

5.     Attestation Form,

6.     TA Form.

The last three forms are available at the UPSC official website. Also, they are readily available for download and printing.

Further, the candidates are supposed to carry the following documents for the IAS officer Interview:

Properly Filled Questionnaire: It is a seven-page long document filled with questions. You have to fill this and submit it at the time of the interview.

  • Candidate’s background
  • Employment status
  • Prior Civil Services attempts
  • Competitive exams cleared if any
  • Reasons for interest in Civil Services
  • Education details
  • Background of Parents/Guardian
  • Source of information for Civil Services
  • Coaching classes, if any
  • Optional subject

Attestation Form: The candidate must fill the attestation form. It includes details about your residence, nationality, education, and the sign of a Gazetted officer before final submission.

UPSC-IAS Interview Process

The UPSC Interview questions often revolve around general topics and the interest of the candidate. It is more like a discussion and the board tests your participation. You can be well-prepared with IAS Mock Interview sessions in coaching institutes also which provide IAS Interview questions and answers. These mock sessions will help to polish your skills and further remove your fear.

Everything about the Day of Interview

1.     Candidates ideally should reach the venue at least an hour before to avoid any hassle.

2.     The security of UPSC does verification of the call letter. Keep a govt. authorized ID proof with you just in case.

3.     Further, candidates get in and they have to submit their bags and mobile phones. Again, the second round of verification takes place in a hall, where everyone is seated.

4.     Further, candidates have to fill a questionnaire too. These will be basic questions about the candidates.

5.     Soon after this, candidates get their panel numbers. The staff doesn’t disclose the name of the panel chairperson. So, it is best if you don’t ask because it doesn’t matter who will interview you as long as you are confident and have faith in yourself.

6.     Candidates of the same panel sit together until the call. Here, the staff hands out travel reimbursement forms. This is only for those candidates who traveled in 2nd class train to the venue.

7.     Finally, the panel calls candidates one by one and they have to submit any final documents/paper/pen they have on them before entering.

Candidates usually experience a session of around 20 minutes. But some interviews last as long as 40 mins.

Types Of Questions

There are different types of questions that you will come across in the interview. we have tried to cover some for you.

IAS interview question on Introduction

This basically revolves around introducing yourself. The panel may ask you about your hometown/city. Also, they may try to lighten up the situation by asking about your name, about your family, and your hobbies. These are open-ended questions, so prepare for them while you sit for IAS Mock Interview. The purpose of these questions is that the panel will ask you questions based on what details you provide. You will need to get hold of some of the best IAS coaching institutes for the best IAS Mock Interview sessions. So, read about some important tips on how to find the best.

IAS Interview questions on Current Affairs

The panel may also ask you about the headlines of the day of your interview. so, make sure you read the newspaper that day. Apart from that, keep a check on the news items related to your district/state as well as the country. They may also ask you about trending International topics.

UPSC Interview questions on Education

The panel may ask questions about schooling, graduation, major subjects, prior projects, etc. To sit for the UPSC Civil Services exam, you must at least have attained graduation. The panel may ask you about your bachelor’s course and continue to ask about general concepts related to it. So, prepare your subject well before your interview.

Always try to answer with a wide perspective. Do not give opinions of you are unsure. Be humble enough to show that you don’t know something. this is one quality that the Board will appreciate!

UPSC Interview questions on Optional Subject

The Interview Board may ask questions about what made you choose the optional and what about the optional subject did you find interesting. Also, be ready to answer about topics related to your optional subject.

IAS interview questions on previous Job

The panel may have the interest to know about your previous job. They would like to know about your role and why you want to leave that job to become an IAS/IPS/IFS officer. So, it is highly essential that you are sure why you want this job. It is even better to prepare an answer way before you appear for the interview.

IAS interview questions on Hobbies

You have to mention your hobbies in your DAF. Based on that, the panel may ask about famous people who have made a name in that particular field. So, brush up your knowledge about your favorite hobby as well. People who love singing have been asked to sing also. So, be prepared in case you have talents that might impress the Board.

Qualities that are tested in the Interview


Some of the qualities that prove the efficiency of candidates as a good administrator are –

  • Clarity of expression
  • Honesty
  • Decision-making ability
  • Grasp of narrative and argument
  • Reasoning ability
  • Ability to provide a holistic approach
  • Awareness and concern for socio-economic problems
  • Communication skills

Tips to face the Interview

We have provided some tips so you can face the UPSC Interview questions smoothly. you must practice to express yourself clearly and be alert at all times. You must be socially approachable which should reflect in your answers.

Eye contact: Make sure to make eye contact. This shows your undivided attention and you are confident about your answers.

Avoid crossing your arms: Do not fold or cross your arms and legs. This is informal behavior as it makes you look defensible.

Avoid slouching: Try to sit with your back straight and do not slouch. You must show confident and attentive you.

Avoid touching your face: Try to avoid touching your face or any part of your body. Doing so sends out the message that you are nervous and not confident.

Avoid moving your hands while explaining: Make sure that you do not move your hands while you answer. A lot of us have the habit of doing so. Practice through IAS Mock Interviews to help practice these tactics.

IAS Interview Preparation Strategy – IAS Interview questions and answers

  • Read the newspaper daily to follow up with current affairs
  • Revise the basics of your graduation subject
  • Practice IAS Interview questions and answers through IAS Mock Interview
  • Further, prepare a list of possible IAS Interview questions and answers based on your DAF
  • Read properly about your optional subject.

IAS Interview Mock Sessions are crucial while preparing for IAS Interview


The purpose of the IAS officer Interview is to check the candidate’s ability to lead when difficult situations arise,to check a candidate’s suitability to life in administration. You do not have to answer all the questions if you don’t know the answer. The main idea is not to be nervous even under pressure.

Extra tips:

  • Don’t stress out and take pressure on the day of the interview.
  • Don’t bluff your way out. So, be humble and honest that you do not know the answer.
  • Don’t worry about difficult questions. The panel tests how you approach the question.
  • Also, try to avoid an argument with the Board. The Interview should be a discussion and not a debate.

How to answer your questions during the interview

You must answer questions clearly and confidently. Also, try to remain calm even when you get a weird question. Some tips on how he answers should be are-

1.     Try to answer to the point and also avoid beating around the bush.

2.     Be logical and answer in simple terms.

3.     Do not try to show off. The panel is way more experienced and knows better than you.

4.     Always try to keep your answers in sync with the response of the panel. Of course, your opinions can differ but make sure you present yourself politely.

5.     Maintain a positive attitude and a neutral or cheerful face. Try to avoid extreme looks (too happy, sad or angry, etc.). Remain calm and composed so you are able to answer with an open mind.

6.     Try to answer with possible positive plans if the questions are about an ongoing problem. The panel will definitely appreciate your involvement in the progress of the country.

Frequently Asked Questions on UPSC Interview


What is the venue for the UPSC Interview?

The venue for the IAS officer Interview is:
Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
Dholpur House,
Shahjahan Road
New Delhi – 110-069

How can one prepare for IAS Interview questions and answers?

A candidate can prepare for Interview questions with the help of mock interviews. Enroll yourself in a mock interview series.

What is the minimum marks required to pass the Interview?

The UPSC boards do not allot less than 55 marks to any candidate. But, this is not enough to clear the exam. You must aim to achieve at least 58%-60% to enter into the top services. Prepare for the same through IAS Mock Interview. You can visit the official website of UPSC to know more.

How can a candidate know about the Interview board they will be facing?

UPSC releases a list of all the Boards before the interview. Also, it is declared on the day when the interview date list is announced. You can search for them online and research a bit before you set foot for the interview.


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