5 Reasons, why students fail in IAS Exam

Well, as we all know that only a few students cleared the UPSC-Civil Services exam every year. Some got eliminated at the very first stage i.e. Preliminary Exam Stage, only 15 % approx. students go to the second stage i.e. Mains Stage. There are important reasons behind this failure, let us discuss Five Main important reasons:-

1. Not Gone through the previous year question papers

it is generally seen that most of the student’s do not refer the previous year question paper of the exams. Student get the following benefits from Previous year question reasons:-

  1. a) It Gives the understanding of the requirement of the paper, and
  2. b) Student also get to know the type of questions being asked in the paper like fact-based questions, concept-based questions, current affairs based questions or ideological based questions.
  3. c) It also gives an Idea about important topics being asked frequently and the important areas of the subject.

2. Ignoring NCERT’s for Preparation

As we all know, students from the diverse background can give the IAS exam. NCERTS builds the basic fundament concepts, which ultimately help in various level of the exams. You may also want to know, which books of NCERT you need to study. First of all, you don’t need to study each and every book of NCERT from 6th to 12th, all you need to study is the relevant books. To get the list of relevant NCERTS you may click on the link after the article.

3. Lack of Summary Notes

Syllabus of the UPSC- IAS exam is very vast when the exam comes near, it gets very difficult for the candidate to remember the key points of all the topics especially during the exam when pressure used to be at its peak. Now the role of summary notes come, Summary notes help the candidate to quickly revise and remember the key points of important areas. Well, if you want to know how to know Good summary notes just surf in our blog section, you can get it from there.

4. Lack of Revisions

The most Common factor of failure is lack of revision of the subjects. Without revising the syllabus, for least 3 to 4 times, is like giving exam with “Hit & Trial” policy.
We have heart that Practice makes the man perfect, but when it comes to preparation for exam, we generally forget it. Revision is “Re-Vision”, it will not let your memory depreciate, with continuous revision you will be able to remember very well especially till your exam and it will increase the probability of your success.

5. Lack of Self Evaluations

We most heart, I have done a lot of silly mistakes in the exam. It happens mostly due to lack of self-evaluation. The best method of evaluation if “Test”. One must attend test series so that level of preparation can be evaluated a performance can be judged. Test series can help the candidate to make the strategy of attempting the question paper, which question one must attempt first and which later can be learned only with test series. So, in order to get success in civil services exam one use evaluation technique.

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May 12, 2018

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